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Jobs in Operations: We create green solutions

Lean, green and digital: That’s the way we work. Take a look at our production system. MyFactory combines lean processes, leading-edge digital tools, and a commitment to sustainability. Combine that with the expertise of our employees to continuously improve the value chain, responsibly develop our site, and take production to the next level.




Team Materials Management
The Inventory Experts

Efficient warehousing, inventory management, and timely packaging and delivery to both internal and external customers. Ourwarehouse employees do all this and more. With modern warehouses, innovative inventory management systems, and a dedicated team, they optimize our in-house logistics processes and make sure the production process runs proactively and smoothly. Want to know more? Check out our warehouse jobs here.

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Team Procurement & Production Planning
The Perfect Planners

They always have a plan. Our procurement and production planning experts are responsible for planning and coordinating materials procurement and production activities, helping to ensure the timely availability of materials and develop production plans based on demand and capacity. This optimizes our use of resources, reduces costs, and increases our competitiveness. What’s your plan?

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Team Quality
The Challengers

Our Quality team monitors and checks components and manufacturing processes so that our products meet the highest quality standards. Our sophisticated qualification process ensures that new products are transferred smoothly to series production under controlled conditions. With advanced measuring and testing technology and years of experience, our experts continuously improve and optimize quality standards. Join us!

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Team Production
The Tacklers

This is the hands-on stuff. Our Production operations are where efficiency and precision are everything – from individual parts manufacturing and assembly to engine building and testing on the test bench. Our specialists help ensure that our engines meet high performance and reliability standards. And for custom solutions, we use advanced manufacturing techniques along with advanced machinery and robots. Want to get hands-on? Check out our Production jobs here.

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Team Production Engineering
The Optimizers

Our production engineers analyze and improve our manufacturing processes to speed up production, cut costs, and improve quality. Cutting-edge optimization tools, robotics, and digital solutions help ensure that we get the most from our production resources. Our Production experts also use their project management skills to plan and implement new, advanced manufacturing facilities. What do you like to analyze?

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Team Infrastructure & EHS
The Environment(al)ists

Our Infrastructure department keeps our work environment seamless and effective, from the planning and maintenance of buildings and facilities to the provision of efficient supply systems. Our Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) experts are passionate about what they do, and focus on helping us minimize potential hazards and ensure the health and safety of our employees at all times. Our team from the company’s own canteen takes care of our culinary well-being. What’s your passion?

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Team Lean & Digital
The Streamliners

Our Lean & Digital team helps us continuously improve our processes and workflows, making us more efficient and productive so we can continue to develop our operations. Our specialists work to roll out new methods and solutions, like automating or digitalizing workflows for today’s connected world – always with a focus on putting data to good use. Want to help us get leaner?

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Success stories


Hi, I’m Beate, and I’m practically part of the furniture here. I started out as an apprentice over 30 years ago and now I'm in charge of the production assembly line.

Leader Assembly, Test Bench, Repair


Hey, I'm Flo. I started here way back as an apprentice. And I'm still here 26 years later, just as fired up! Since 2019 I've been leader of the Team Lean & Digital.

Leader, Lean & Digital


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